Welcome to this Planet

When my best friend Katie asked me to be at the birth of her child I was honored! I was also terrified because I have two little kids and she lives roughly 3 hours away. I agreed but with the caveat “I’ll do my best!” To make matters worse the Hubs was scheduled for work the weekend of Katie’s due date, which doesn’t mean a whole lot but cast a larger cloud over my desperate want to be at Korban’s birth.

Katie’s due date was less than a week away and I went to visit. I gave baby Korban very strict instructions to come on Saturday in the afternoon so I could be there. I talked to my very helpful Mother In Law about watching the girls so I could visit, packed my overnight bag, and charged my camera. Thursday night around 2 AM Katie’s husband texted me that Katie was in labor. My heart dropped; I knew I would never make it in time. I gave the girls to “Nana” by 7 AM and drove as quickly as I could to the hospital.

Korban was born at 9:05 AM and I arrived at hospital at 9:10 AM.

I didn’t get to document Katie’s powerful labor. I missed out on her pushing. I wasn’t able to see Korban enter the world or breath for the first time, but I saw some beautiful things that morning. When I walked in Katie’s room was Billy holding his son for the first time. You could see the imitate bond between the two of them.

I stayed with the beautiful family for a day.

Mommy and baby learned one other. Katie successfully nursed and even more impressively showered and changed clothes. She was a natural!

Welcome to the world Little Korban and Congratulations to Katie and Billy aka Mommy and Daddy!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to this Planet

  1. These pics brought tears to my eyes. Such love! I am sorry you missed the birth but, wow, did you catch something beautiful anyway.


      • I’m so happy you were there to share one of the most beautiful moments of my life and even better to have you capture them forever. I’m honored to call you friend and to have you in my life!


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