It Takes a Village

This past weekend Tiny was sick. I don’t mean she was grumpy with the sniffles, I mean this was the worst “cold” either girls have ever had! I don’t think I slept for 3 days. Her temperature hung around 100 degrees. Every hour she pooped neon green causing her baby bottom to bleed from diaper rash but I couldn’t keep up with her poops. She couldn’t sleep lying down so I had to hold her; I tried propping her up in the crib with a pillow but it didn’t work.

To add insult to injury all of this took place while the Glass family was visiting a family friend; and I had a photo session Sunday afternoon. I was pucked on, peed on, pooped on, and snotted on. I ended up having to borrow clothes, wipes, diapers, and diaper cream

We already planed a day away for men in the house so I ended up alone with the girls while Hubs went spear fishing with my friends husband. For the next 8 hours my friend, K, and her mother-in-law helped me care for my sick little baby while K’s 8 year old brother in law kept Destructo busy. I was able to shower because K cared for my sweet little baby. I ate because Hubs took care of both girls. K’s mother-in-law even ran out to get me more medicine at 9:30 PM.

10483248_10103504899366052_9053721998070566855_n Uncle Billy and Tiny watching Football (9 pm Sat.)

This whole experience made me think about God’s timing. I planned this weekend so my family could visit dear friends and enjoy each others company. We planned outings and even scheduled a family session Sunday afternoon. I wanted to relax and “hang out” with one of my dearest friends. Instead I was up for 24 hours dealing with an ill child.

I wanted to have fun and instead I was stuck. Then it hit me, this is the best possible scenario! Would it have been nice for God to prevent this cold all together, YES! But He didn’t. If we were home I would have been stuck in my house with my sick baby while Hubs took care of Destructo. Knowing myself I would have felt isolated and alone. I would have felt like I was the only one taking care of Tiny, whether that were true or not.

Instead I had a small army of people, men and women, helping me, talking to me, giving me advise, and most of importantly giving me encouragement. My resilience amazed me during Tiny’s weekend from Hell. God knew I needed a family this weekend. Hubs was able to get away for the worst of it and I was with two amazing ladies.

Was it embarrassing yes. Did I eventually want to throw in the towel, yes! When I hit my limit I could complain without fear because everyone knew I just needed to vent a little. I was in a safe place that insulated my heart from the stress of a sick baby.

We ended up sleeping a little Saturday night. Hubs was able to take both girls while I worked with K’s family and I was able to get away from my beautiful children to do something I love.

Was this a weekend I ever want to repeat? NO!!! But I will wish I had my little village next time my babies are sick. I miss villages. We need more villages.

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