Festivus Games April 2015

Festivus Games is a crossfit games designed for the average crossfitter. The slogan is “A FUNCTIONAL-FITNESS COMPETITION FOR THE REST OF US” which was perfect for our little home box The Glass House of Pain (aka GHOP). This year we represented three of the four divisions. Sean competed in Intermediate Mens, Denis competed in Novis Mens, and I (Skylar) competed in Novice Womens. Each division performed the same WOD but with differences to match for the skill sets expected of that division. Intermediate mens and womens used higher weights and performed double unders while novice mens and womens used lower weights and performed single unders.

WOD #1
For time:
1000 m Row
50 Wall Balls (10/14/20)

Intermediate Males: 20 lbs to a 10 foot target
Intermediate Females: 14 lbs to a 9 foot target
Novice Males: 14 lbs to a 9 foot target
Novice Females: 10 lbs to a 9 foot target
Name: Score – Place/Total in Division
Skylar: 6:14 – 1/22
Denis: 5:54 – 5/6
Sean: 5:42 – 3/23

WOD #2
Max Front Squarts in 2 mins (135/95/95/65) (Int Male/Int Female/Novice Male/Novice Female)

AMRAP in 8 mins
Power Cleans (135/95/95/65) (Int Male/Int Female/Novice Male/Novice Female)
Bar Over Burpees

Skylar: 44 – 5/23
99 – 1/23
Denis: 44 – 4/6
74 – 2/6
Sean: 33 – 8/23
61 – 12/23

WOD #3
5 min AMRAP
5 Push Press (115/75/75/45)(Int Male/Int Female/Novice Male/Novice Female)
15 Box Jumps/Step-Ups (20 inch)

1 min Max Double Unders (Int Male/Int Female)
1 min Max Single Unders (Nov Male/Nov Female)

Skylar: 129 – 4/23
147 – 5/23
Denis: 143 – 1/6
106 – 4/6
Sean: 129 – 5/23
71 – 5/23
At this point in the competition the overall scores would have been tallied and the top 4 athletes from each division would compete in the “Final WOD” to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Unfortunately the Festivus main page crashed and the box we competed in did not keep an independent score card. As a result the competition was called after the 3rd WOD with no trophies or podium ceremony.

Regardless the Glass House of Pain came out with a 1st Place in Novise Female (Skylar), and 3rd PLace in Novice Men (Denis), and a 4th Place in Intermediate Men. *after performing the Final WOD in GHOP we are confident our podium rankings would not have changed*
In addition GHOP ranked internationally with Skylar’s WOD #2 score placing 15th in the world!

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