ArtWalk Lancaster

I love living in Lancaster. Between the fresh food and ample farmlife downtown Lancaster is also home to a huge art community. I happened upon a posting for the upcoming “Lancaster Art Walk” and decided to take the girls. While strolling down gallery row my mommy friend and I saw a local painter on the sidewalk working on a canvas. I wanted the girls to see how painting worked so we stopped and watched. My curious little humans huddled in and within moments that artist invited Destructo to help her paint! I was shocked but happily let the kids run wild on her canvas. The artist enjoyed the additions so much she said she would work it into the final product.

Can’t go into Lancaster City without grabbing a Lancaster Cupcake! I even let Tiny have her first one.

The Art Walk had activities for kids of all ages. We went into galleries I would normally avoid with children. The whole art community was thrilled to share the love of art with my kids. Which was a huge blessing for me because I cannot draw!

Before leaving the city we stopped by to see how the canvas was coming along and to place an order for the finished print. I can now say I own art from gallery row and it has a wonderful story behind it!

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