And Then There Where Three…

I guess you could say we shouldn’t be surprised. You see Hubs and I had the audacity to plan out the next few years of your life and having baby #3 was not in the works for a while. We sat down and realized we weren’t ready for another baby; Tiny was still little and Destructo was just starting to make it out of the terrible years. After a lot of thought and talking we decided to do the responsible thing and enjoy the family God blessed us with.

April came and passes in a flash! Hubs and I were busy training for and then participating in Festivus (Festivus Games April 2015). I knew summer was coming which meant play dates and outings. I was making plans, setting dates, WODing my butt off, and all in all feeling pretty good.

The last weekend of April a mommy friend and I took the girls to Art Walk Lancaster (post here). While strolling the city streets I noticed something odd. I walked past a flowering tree and immediately commented on the strong smell. Normally I wouldn’t think anything of this except I did the same thing when I figured out I was expecting Tiny. Thank goodness for technology and my anal retentive tendencies because I knew I could just check my well documented “lady” app and put my worries to ease.

OopsI check my calendar that night. Oops!

I was in denial plain and simple. I refused to take an HGC test for two more days. I was convinced my app was off or my cycle was still regulating. Monday May 4th I broke down and bought two Dollar Tree tests.




I could have sneezed on these things and they would have popped positive!



So here we are. Once a happy family of four trying to adjust to our new reality.



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