DIY Family Photo Shoot

If there is one thing I learned from doing a DIY tripod family photo shoot it is this: Just Hire Someone! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the best photographer in town either. I am not saying this because I want the work. I’m not saying this because it was a train wreck either. I am saying this to save you the frustration of expectation verses reality.

We were able to capture some beautiful family moments. I did have more technical “photoshopping” to do than I wanted. Try getting a 4 year old and a 2 year old to look into the camera at the right moments using self timer. More over Hubs took the role of playing photographer for a while. I cannot expect him to know how to use the camera the way I do. I cannot help him see it the way I want it either.

You spend hour combing through Pintrest for ideas, poses, locations, even outfits. This time is valuable! It would be more valuable to a photographer who could do all the work behind the camera while you and you family played and posed, instead of praying to the Camera gods that this time was “it”.

I love candid photos.  That sweet moment between a Mommy and her little one during a photo session. Or that special look exchanged by husband and wife. Those are the moments you cannot capture with a tripod. Those are the moments Hubs worked so hard to get. A professional knows what to look for. He or she isn’t distracted by the kids or the wind, he or she know body language and can sense when those moments will happen.

I am so proud of Hubs and how he worked my camera with little to no training. I am thrilled we actually got some usable imaged of the whole family. Are they exactly what I want? Unfortunately no. I couldn’t look for the best lighting. I couldn’t take the time to set up the family, get the kids attention, make sure everyone’s hair looked nice, ect. Look at a family photo session as an investment, it’s worth it.

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