AThe Weaver Family: Mini Session

Sometimes you just want to bless others with your gifts. As a mother I know how how difficult it is to capture life with kids. Children are hands down the most frustrating photography subjects;they don’t sit still and smile on que and that’s just the start. You loose all self respect when working with kids. I find myself making crazy sounds and funny faces without any regard for what others think. I’m sure I look nuts during a session.

That said, this little man was a perfect gentleman while I worked. 

I offered a free 30 minutes session to anyone who wanted. They just had to meet me at the location. 

I met this wonderful Mommy and her beautiful boy. They were amazing. It is such a blessing to give Mommies something as simple as a photograph.

It was close to 90° so we were only able to be out in this beautiful field for 15 minutes but the whole experience was worth all the sweat. These motherhood moments fly by. Even just one picture helps slow things down for a little while.

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