Life Vlog

New Adventures Mean New Adventures

We have some new adventures starting in the Glass household. We moved! I have been absent for so long but there are very good reasons. We decided the time had come for us to pursue our family dream of buying a farm. Unfortunately Pennsylvania, or at least Lancaster made this dream nearly impossible.

Land prices were making 2 or 3 acres our top price range but our dream was bigger then that. As a family we made the decision to leave a good job and our current community and head to my home state of Tennessee. Covid-19 made our original plans fall apart. A new job hunt began. Our jaded ideas of finding a house were thrashed as the pandemic and a competitive housing market made sellers less agreeable.

In all we searched for six months; but we found it! Our adventure had an audience spread across the country. I made the decision to create a Youtube channel for loved ones. Over time we made it public so friends and those interested could follow along too. We named it Heartland Homestead.

While my photography business is picking up in our new area follow along on our other adventures.

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